Prohibit residents of mainland China and areas that prohibit cryptocurrency trading from participating in the MOLE project

MOLE will be exchanged into DOT, KSM, CAKE. The coins will be staked to get profit and repurchase MOLE. The repurchased MOLE will burn, after the coin burn, the price of MOLE will rise. MoleSwap, Cross-chain bridge and other applications will be launched to generate more profits and burn MOLE. The total amount of MOLE is 100 million; The Mole for coin burn is 79 million; In the end, 21 million MOLE will remain.

MoleSwap is on line, you can get MOLE here.

  • Our Benefit

  • Coin burn

  • Validators

  • parachain & centralized platform

Our Story

Get to konw Us

The founder Eric is a senior blockchain expert and Youtuber. He joined a decentralized exchange in Japan in 2016 and is one of the co-founders. In 2017, he became the CTO of a decentralized sharing economy platform and researched smart contracts;

After leaving these two platforms, he deeply felt the insufficiency of blockchain technology, so he joined a blockchain research institution in Japan, engaged in the research of blockchain and encryption technology. He made rapid progress in the past few years, shared his views on youtube, and created the MOLE project.


In the future, the hot spots of blockchain will be Defi and staking, so Mole will start from these two areas. Using the principle that staking will surely generate income, Mole can be traded into staking cryptocurrencies such as Polkadot, KSM, ADA, SOL, etc. The income generated by the staking will used to repurchase and burn Mole. Build a centralized platform, such as cross-chain bridges, centralized derivatives etc, and part of the revenue generated will be used to repurchase and burn Mole util only 21 million MOLE left.


Continuous income

Staking and validator

Currently,POS blockchain project has become the mainstream of the blockchain market. However, the threshold for staking is too high, and it is difficult to select validators. These problems can be avoided by Mole, and stable staking income can be obtained directly. On the other hand, validators will get a lot of revenue, which is not available to individual investors generally. The Mole project deploys validator nodes, and the staking income is higher, which can further increase the income of holding Mole.

Cross-chain bridge

Mole can connect to other chains by cross-chain bridge

At present, the cross-chain bridge is a very important application scenario, and the Mole team already has the relevant technology and product background. A cross-chain bridge service will be provided to ensure that MOLE can receive a wider range of liquidity from other chain.


Essence of cryptocurrency

Design of payment scenarios

The essence of cryptocurrency is payment. As a cryptocurrency, Mole will provide payment functions. Self-media like Insight Finance and Insight Japan can pay with Mole for business cooperation.

Mole staking &


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Economic model

100 million MOLE Allocation

The initial allocation is as follows:

1)40% provide liquidity for decentralized     

& centralized exchange                     

2)45% for staking of KSM, DOT, ADA, SOL etc.

Incomes are used to repurchase Mole   

and burn the purchased Mole                

3)10% to team members, project promotion   

4)5% to investors                                             

Road Map

Q3 2021

  • • Release of white paper 1.0 version, English, Chinese;
  • • Community building;
  • • Issue MOLE smart contract;
  • • MOLE can be trade in Pancake SWAP;
  • • Announce DOT, KSM currency holding address, and begin staking;
  • • Destroy MOLE with mining profits ;
  • • Test the pledge contract on the kovan chain;
  • • Provide MOLE coin price chart;
  • • Develop back-end test cases for cross-chain bridge;
  • • Develop the back-end function of the cross-chain bridge;
  • • Complete the ecological update of Insight Finance Forum;
  • • Release the contract of baby mole tokens and airdrop to Insight Finance Forum;
  • • Activate the Insight Finance Forum to make the community to promote Mole;

Q4 2021

  • • Complete the back-end test of the cross-chain bridge;
  • • Develop the front end of the cross-chain bridge;
  • • Continuously test the cross-chain bridge to avoid bugs;
  • • Launch Mole payment function;
  • • Start Mole payment of Insight Finance;
  • • Start Mole payment of Insight Japan;
  • • Improve Insight Finance Forum to promote Mole;
  • • Improve the cross-chain bridge;

Q1 - Q2 2022

  • • Launch the new version of Insight Finance Forum;
  • • Launch Mole payment function of Insight Finance Forum;
  • • Deploy DOT and KSM validator nodes;
  • • Research and develop centralized hot wallet;

Q3 - Q4 2022

  • • Build a centralized financial derivatives platform paid by Mole;
  • • Build a centralized NFT platform that uses Mole to pay;


  • • Research and develop the Polkadot Parachain of Mole;
  • • Expand the income resource of Mole staking;

Funds address and transaction


Staking funds address

DOT stash1: 14mvjtxYNJB3B4XZf9y6mqydmXJ4LR5iBgBLkpDz9FtXJxp4

DOT control1: 14gaxLDeMWoKfiZkDuXbgW67x2vzHJWsKLvtCTBDWDgtAfr3

KSM stash1: GMFFt3M8svVVBLVUDj9XeWV4VaeSnLkZZHbzBWb4y5VsXE6

KSM control1: GFuUKJT86YmyqNg2yHeSJcyF1DaPfmuhE39RpTpRvsrjWUP

Purchase transaction:

DOT transaction:here

KSM transaction:here

insight finance url: